Branding 5-heart service envisions a philosophy of how we serve our guests and each other to create an ideal environment for work and leisure. Are we perfect? No. But we have the opportunity to progress every day not to be overtaken by human fallibility and petty distractions but to reach a higher ground of respectability and compassion for our guests and each other alike.

The philosophy of 5-heart service begins with a process. We wakeup refreshed on any given day. We meditate on our surroundings. On our lives. Our thoughts. And divine resources. We see creation at its fullest. We breathe life anew, with another chance to radiate and spread our energy to the world, where our energy can abound and touch everyone in our environment.

A synergy is created, sustained throughout the day as we serve each other and our guests with unconditional respect and appreciation. We listen to everyone around us, endeavoring to understand each other. Maybe a co-worker is struggling with a personal issue at home. Maybe management is having problems with a reservation. Maybe a guest has encountered an irreconcilable matter. Still we listen and hear. We know that problems and life co-exist. Yet with the compassion and respect of our 5-heart philosophy we continually serve each other and our guests. We value creation. We value life. Most of all, we value giving – giving of ourselves to serve others. Giving something back. Something we’ve learned or heard, seen or felt.

Is 5-heart service idealistic? Perhaps. Is it achievable? Yes. By listening to ourselves and our guests. By touching the hearts of each other. By simply showing up and then giving.

Therefore, branding 5-heart service begs the question: Which is greater? 5-star? Or 5-heart? The answer is not what you’d expect because one evolves into the other. With 5-heart service, everything from comfortability to convenience is the same as what you’d expect at a 5-star hotel or restaurant. These are the externals. We’ve got those. Only 5-heart service gives more by putting the “heart” into giving, showing that we really care about our guests, that our guests really matter. Because we matter. This is the “heart” we give to our guests and to each other. We create an environment of optimal serenity and endless expression of unconditional compassion and respect. This is 5-heart service. More than just a brand. A shared way of life.